SolidComponents Toolbox™ - Overview
SolidComponents Toolbox offers an easy and intuitive way to seamlessly integrate features and widgets from SolidComponents into your own web-site. You may for example integrate PIM driven CAD-models, product configurators and PDF-files from SolidComponents, or you can use the table component to present PIM-driven product tables on your web-site. Why not include our 3D viewer to allow customers to preview CAD-files before downloading them.
Increase market exposure
With Toolbox you can ensure that customers get full support directly from your web-site, without having to redirect them to another third-party web-site. This means that customers who are accustomed to use SolidComponents as their starting page, will be able to continue doing this, but customers who starts on your own web-page, will continue to do this, benefitting from a better over-all customer experience. Implementing SolidComponents Toolbox usually results in a significant increase in number of downloads as more users will get immediate access to CAD- and PDF-support.
Design and layout
SolidComponents Toolbox has been created to allow freedom in terms of design and layout. We do not use iframes - instead you decide where in your layout you want each widget to appear, and you style them using traditional CSS.
What about performance
SolidComponents Toolbox does not affect the performance of your own web page in any significant way. It allows your web page to load completely before it starts to communicate with SolidComponents servers.
Implementing SolidComponents Toolbox is extremely simple. Just copy/paste a few lines of code into your own web-page and Toolbox will take care of the communication between your web page and SolidComponents web servers.
Efficient maintenance
You do not need to know what part numbers you have CAD support for. If you present part numbers on your own web-page, Toolbox will automatically collect those and ask SolidComponents servers which ones CAD support is available from. It will only highlight the CAD button for those products. When you add CAD support for products that didn’t have CAD support in the past, the CAD button will automatically highlight on your own web page as soon as it is activated on SolidComponents, without you having to do anyting on your own web page.
  • CAD-button
  • PDF-button
  • CAD-format menu
  • Progress bar
  • Preview image of CAD model
  • Interactive 3D-preview of CAD model
  • Product table
  • Download button